We at DANS can witness a massive restructuring of the international defence, aerospace, naval and space supply chains underway and are convinced that Central and Eastern European companies could be the beneficiaries of this global transformation process. Whether this is relocation, diversification, industrial co-operation, global footprint expansion or new program implementation that motivates OEMs to develop their supply chains, with the professional background and support of DANS, companies from the CEE region can become selected and trusted suppliers of these industries.

The world military expenditure has been on its peak for the past few years and this growing trend does not seem to change in the near future. Defence industry has always been a crisis proof business and this has been no different either during the COVID-19 pandemic or the current armed conflicts in and outside Europe. Top defence manufacturers keep supplying the growing demands of military and law enforcement end users while, at the same time, these increasing customer needs require further capacities on OEM side.

Although the aerospace industry has fallen into a massive crisis due to COVID, it seems to be recovering from its deep flight. In just 4 years the industry is on the verge of reaching 2019 levels by several metrics, having already seen its revenues surpass the pre-crisis benchmark by 2023. Ironically, its recovery to pre-covid levels is being hampered by the fact that it simply cannot get enough aircraft into the air to meet demand – partly thanks to supply-chain-related MRO and delivery delays.
Due to its size and cost sensitivity, the European naval shipbuilding industry reacts noticeably slower to the challenges of the changed security environment, while the increased naval spending by Eastern European countries offers some encouragement for future business growth for Europe’s naval shipyards.
The space industry is apparently experiencing a renaissance. The limitlessness of the universe encourages commercial, scientific and military space industry developments to such an extent that many companies from the CEE region have already been active participants and beneficiaries of these programs.

International Paris Air Show

We are thrilled to announce that Defence Aerospace Naval Suppliers CEE will be attending the highly anticipated International Paris Air Show next week in the magnificent city of #Paris. As the CEO of Defence Aerospace Naval…