Business development services provided by DANS includes:

We evaluate how prepared your company is for the listed supplier status. Our evaluation, based on the methodology we developed for the DANS Supplier Survey, provides a valid and definite feedback on your company’s current status.

We help your company to be prepared for the listed supplier status. Based on the feedback provided by the DANS Supplier Survey we identify the areas within your company that need to be strengthened and developed to reach the well-prepared level of a defence, aerospace or naval supplier.

We must have a definite understanding of your company’s strength and possible weakness, potential competitors and alternative solutions available on the market. Before setting up a business development strategy we must have a clear picture of your business possibilities.

We identify your potential market segments based on your company’s capabilities, capacities, product and service portfolio. It is essential to know: what and to whom your company wants to sell.

We identify, list and prioritize your potential business partners and clients within the market segments fitting most to your company’s capabilities, capacities, product and service portfolio.

We set up a detailed and personalised 1-3-5-year-long business development strategy including definite aims, milestones and decision points.

We personally execute and manage the business development strategy we set up together. You do not need to employ separate military, sales, business development and international relations experts since DANS in one provides you all the knowledge and experience needed.

We identify and contact the relevant commodity/procurement and industrial cooperation managers, set up introductory calls, meetings and site visits in order to establish the possibility of the first RFQs and listed supplier status.

We attend all the relevant shows and exhibitions in Europe in behalf of our clients. Wherever our partner companies require we provide personal presence and represent our partner’s interest at all on-site and on-line international forums, events and meetings.